Writers write

They do it, not because of some external force, but because they feel compelled to memorialize the thoughts and words floating around inside their head.  They write in journals; They write poetry; They write for their children; and sometimes they get to write for the public.

For the longest time I was happy  doing the first three things.  I’ve written reams of experiences inside my journal(s).  I’ve written countless poems (for my wife), and I’ve made up more stories than I can remember for my children.

But I’ve always wanted to write a story to share with everyone else…including you.

Today, I took a step closer to achieving that goal.

If you have been following this blog, you’ll know that for the past year, I’ve been busy writing a thriller (If you didn’t know that, then you can read about it HERE) and that last month, I started sending out query letters, hoping to find a literary agent willing to take a chance on an unknown author.  Today, I am happy and proud, to announce that I found one.  I have signed a contract with Mike Hoogland of Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret LLC.

(That’s me signing the contract)


I am now one step closer to sharing my novel with all of you—a milestone achieved.

The next steps?  Revisions…revisions…revisions….then, getting my book published!

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