The Crew Reviews Podcast

CE Albanese is the co-host of the popular THE CREW REVIEWS podcast. CE brings two decades of law enforcement experience and insider knowledge of the publishing industry to a weekly video podcast that highlights the biggest names in publishing. New shows air every Monday.

See below for links to the show!

The Crew Reviews Podcast Episode #19 | Christine Carbo

The Crew Reviews Podcast Episode #18 | Nick Petrie

The Crew Reviews Episode #15| L.A. Chandlar (Christmas Extravaganza)

The Crew Reviews Podcast Episode #14 | Lt. Colonel Hunter “Rip” Rawlings IV (USMC, Ret.)


You can find links to the podcast here:

TWITTER:  @CREWbookreviews

INSTAGRAM:  @theCREWreviews

FACEBOOK:   @theCREWreviews 

Want to read the story of where the four of us met? Click here: Thrillerfest:

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