The Crew Reviews Podcast Episode #21 | David Morrell

David Morrell is the award-winning author of First Blood, the novel in which Rambo was created along with thirty other books, including The Naked Edge, Creepers, The Brotherhood of the Rose, and The Spy Who Came for Christmas. Always interested in different ways to tell a story, he wrote the six-part comic-book series, Captain America: The Chosen, the two-part comic-book series, Spider-Man: Frost, and the standalone comic book, Savage Wolverine:Feral. His writing book, The Successful Novelist, analyzes what he has learned during his four decades as an author.

Noted for his research, David is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School for wilderness survival as well as the G. Gordon Liddy Academy of Corporate Security. He is also an honorary lifetime member of the Special Operations Association and the Association of Intelligence Officers. He has been trained in firearms, hostage negotiation, assuming identities, executive protection, and defensive/offensive driving, among numerous other action skills that he describes in his novels. He is also the co-founder of the International Thriller Writers organization.

Part 1

David Morrell (Part 1)

Part 2

David Morrell (Part 2)


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