WHAT WOULD YOU DO AT THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE? What would you do at the sound of gunfire? Hit the deck? Move to cover? Maybe you'd run in the opposite direction? For most people, these are reasonable and appropriate reactions to an active shooter, but that's not how a Secret Service agent, on a protective... Continue Reading →

ThrillerFest 2019

The entrance to ThrillerFest 2019 Sadly, ThrillerFest 2019 has come to an end. Wait… you don’t know what ThrillerFest is?? Seriously? Hrm. Well, if you hang on a sec’ I’ll give you a quick rundown. Are you ready? OK; good. *channels the voice of the Micro Machine Man* Ahem. ThrillerFest is the annual, week-long event,… Continue Reading →


DIVINE INTERVENTION Wanting to build upon the theme of my last post—A VISIT FROM GOD’S MESSENGERS—I thought I’d share the extraordinary circumstances of how I met Father Manuel “Manny” Dorantes. No, I’m not going to mention angels or moral dilemmas, but I might bring up divine intervention a time or two. Divine intervention? Is there... Continue Reading →


No, not Tinseltown. I'm talking about the city's namesake. You know, those robe wearing celestial beings with feathery wings that sprout up from their shoulder blades. Yeah, I'm talking about angels. There are references in the sacred texts of nearly every major religion of these supernatural creatures. For example, in the Torah –the Jewish Bible—the... Continue Reading →

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MORNING It was a beautiful morning, typical of early September. The bright and warm sun rose slowly and steadily, burning away the few wisps of clouds that still lingered in the sky. Summer vacation was over, the kids were back to school, and the roads were clogged with buses and commuters.... Continue Reading →

Writers write

They do it, not because of some external force, but because they feel compelled to memorialize the thoughts and words floating around inside their head.  They write in journals; They write poetry; They write for their children; and sometimes they get to write for the public. For the longest time I was happy  doing the first three things…. Continue Reading →


A RARE GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A SECRET SERVICE AGENT Here's a rare glimpse into the life of a Secret Service agent circa 2008.2008 was a campaign year (McCain vs. Obama), and I found myself assigned to the Candidate Nominee Operation Section (CNOS) detail of McCain's vice presidential pick— Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska.Being... Continue Reading →

A Family Divided

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”  – Saint Pope John Paul II Pretty accurate quote, huh?  I think so.  Just take a look at current events.  Go turn on your television, or check the latest post to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or pickup… Continue Reading →

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